Afore Ash Shore: An End and a Beginning

FINALLY read this…I swore I had before. Guys go check this out!

Part 5: An End and a Beginning

“I’ve figured it out, Beatrice!”

“What have you figured out, grandfather?  What is this thing?”

“You would know what it is if you were around more often to assist me!”

“This, Beatrice, is the culmination of all of our work!”

“As you can see I have solved the equation that has stumped us all this time!”

“Not really my work, grandfather.”

“Oh now don’t be like that!  You’ve helped me so much over the years!  This is as much your accomplishment as it is mine.”

“I don’t think we should do this then.”

“Nonsense!  Get over here and help me ready the portal.  At least you’ve been around enough to know how to do that.”

“I know it will work this time Beatrice!  All I need to do is connect the two!  The dimensional shifter will be boosted by this and then we…

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#RoadToSelvadorada 1.2 – New Temples Mark New Relationships

Hey everyone it’s Kat here, duh. Things have been crazy busy for me here of late, so I apologize for the delay in updates on my adventures. Work you know? This OSA stuff is serious business! I’ve gotten pretty good at this archaeology biz and those scientists just LOVE ME. I mean LOVE ME. They have sent me so much stuff to uncover and study for them I’ve barely had time to eat or even sleep! Between that and the constant trips to the jungle life is going by quick, and I have realized that not only am I getting older but there comes a point to where this one-woman ship can’t be a one-woman ship anymore. Plus having some temple bait would be great for me…with that said, I got down to thinking about my predicament.03-26-18_5-38-54 PM

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#RoadtoSelvadorada 1.0 – The Pioneer

Hello there, my name is Katarina Farron, and you are looking at the only newest member of the Oasis Springs Corporation Jungle Explorer Team! The list was nonexistent short and tense, but as you can see, I made the cut! I am extremely excited to do all the exploring I can so that the OSC can deem the jungles safe for future generations to explore. Right now they have been deemed foreign soil and must be explored like a Sim Columbus before they allow anyone else to visit those strange lands. I am also doing this pro bono, which means basically…no one will miss me if I die! So, yes, this is my entire life’s savings in one picture, but it is worth it, for Simanity and for the sake of exploration! So let’s jump into my first adventure shall we?

Traits: Hot headed, Loves The Outdoors, Clumsy. 

Age: 23 (YA)

Aspiration: Jungle Explorer

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Galaxy Curious: Fun, fun and a bump in the sun…

Gal_Cdate5_ellecurious_CirceBeaker (45)

Hey everyone out there in that cyberspace! I’m Galaxy Curious, first Alien daughter of Lazlo Curious! If y’all don’t know who that is, well…I don’t know what to say to that! Technicalities aside, I was born to a male human and a pollination technician alien…don’t think too hard about that. All I can say is my Dad and his brothers must have enjoyed what went on up there because they did it again and again…ew. Doesn’t sound very fun, huh?

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Ophelia Nigmos 1.0: From College to Adulthood!

*Disclaimer: Sims 2 pictures are crappy and hard to navigate…you have been warned! Also I have a TON of people I play in this game…the Curiouses have 36 people I play and that’s just one family! I will update these as I play, I play semi-regularly? Hahaha…that being said, enjoy!*


Hi there, I’m Ophelia Nigmos. I just bought my first apartment in Strangetown. You would think I’d love to live anywhere else, and I totally would, but…well, funds. Strangetown is cheaper than Curious Valley or Bluewater Village, both of those places are expensive and hot zones to live in because of how gorgeous and busy it is. ‘Prime real estate’ they call it. So I’m  back here, right after graduating from college. Thankfully, on  the complete opposite side of town from my crazy aunt, Olive Specter. Rumor has it she figured out how to make herself younger, shacked up with some men, one of whom is pregnant with an alien baby. I don’t envy them, she’s nuts! She took me in after my parents died, and lucky me got to live in a place where there were more ghosts than people! College was an escape for me, and a place where I could meet people my own age that weren’t…you know, dead. Basically my life story right there. Anyways…

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